Project Description


The main passion of Bad Baby Studios lies in Graphic Novels, as we believe that telling stories is best done visually.

Bad Baby Studios currently produces the series What We Do in the Closet, originally created as a parody comic in 2014, then as an attempted YouTube series in late 2015. Since then, the story and characters have been reworked independently to build an ideal version of the story for the graphic novel medium.

What We Do in the Closet focuses on the misadventures of  20 year old Tabitha Coleman as they go through the last two years of university in specialty housing.

The first three chapters of What We Do in the Closet are free to read on Tapas. Chapter Four – Lee & Siobhan comes out every Friday on Tapas and Patreon with limited early access availability for select tiers.

Please note: This content is attended for Mature audiences