Project Description

Animation is Concentration

Bad Baby Studios has been making animations since 2015, covering a wide array of topics using a variety of mediums to execute poignant storytelling methods. While specializing in traditional and digital 2D animation, Bad Baby Studios is also capable of doing mixed media animations as well. Our visual toolbox includes CreateStudio, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Adobe Animate, ToonBoom Harmony, TVPaint, ClipStudio Paint, ClipStudio Modeller, and occasionally Blender.

Animation Projects

XYZ Spooktacular – The Curse of the Spiral

(August 2021)

XYZ Spooktacular – The Calculus of Clown F*cking

(December 2019)


(May 2019)


(April 2018)


(February 2018)

Ocean Death 

(December 2017)


(September 2017)


(May 2017)

Paradigm Shift: Gender Conformity

(December 2015)