Meet the Artist.

X Portrait 2022

Xenyth “X” Zala

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Zala grew up in Las Vegas and Dallas. After graduating high school with an IB diploma specializing in art, Zala moved to Montreal to study Film Animation. Zala created six  independent films in university and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation in June, 2019.

Zala’s work experience includes 2D animation on “Love Diana”, “Onyx Monster Mysteries” and “Mar Mar”, production experience on “The Addams Family”, “Riverdance”, “Extinct” and “Blazing Samurai”, as well as animation assistance on projects for Samsung, Pizza Hut, Santikos, and TM.

They are currently developing a horror anthology series on YouTube called XYZ Spooktacular, working on an independently published web comic “What We Do in the Closet“, and recording the World Domination Committee podcast with their partner, amidst working as a YouTube and content SEO specialist.

When not working, they can be found playing mandolin terribly, attempting Redstone builds in Minecraft, and trying to please their Bad Baby/cosmic deity of a cat formerly known as Marceline.