After two more passes revising the animatic based on feedback from my peers, I had one final presentation opportunity before progressing to the animation stage of production. Our class was divided into small groups and met with Maral Mohammadian, a producer at the National Film Board of Canada. She watched each of our films and gave feedback and critiques. After initial viewing, she was able to understand the theme and message of the story. Her feedback included clarity of temporality in the middle section of the film, to which I added a few more shots.

Additionally, I altered the ending of the film for clarity and continuity. Upon viewing in the final class before winter break, I was informed that the dilemma with the trees was clarified due to these changes.

During the week of December 3rd, I worked on animating various sequences of the film. The animations depicted are rough, meaning they have no colour and minimal backgrounds.

The current version of the animatic shows 43 seconds of total animation.