Following my final storyboard revisions based on peer feedback, I had two weeks to compile an animatic including scratch sound, proof of concept stills, and a 5 second animation test.

The revisions are as follows:

– The first shots are the proof of concept. Following Stefan’s suggestion, the scene will begin with a long dolly in similar to the Adventure Time title sequence, ending on the sickly tree.

– When the hand sapling falls from the tree, rather than a pan down I decided to have the hand fall offscreen and use a cue sound of it hitting the ground. The following cut is the closeup introducing the sapling as the protagonist.

– At 01:00:46:08, the hand will be wobbly getting up, then begin to limp into a walk

– I removed the shot of the hand running from the dead foot limb, and instead will have a sound pan of footsteps running offscreen, then entering offscreen at the shot of the trees fighting (01:01:04:22)

– To eliminate excessive animation of the hand walking around, I’ve cut into the tree fighting scene with closeups of the branches, then a closeup of the hand frightened and running offscreen towards the mountains

– I have condensed the shots of the hand climbing the mountains into one to avoid redundancies

– The zoom outs as the tree growing at 01:02:03:16 have been combined into one long zoom of the tree and roots growing

– As the sun rises at 01:02:11:16, the trees will extend slightly as if their branches are following the sun. And rather than a blue sunrise, it will be full colour with lots of vibrant purples, pinks, and oranges illuminating the healthy trees.

– Finally, rather than the end credits being a simple pan up with the sun, it will begin with a pan down showing the roots of the trees